We are Powerlogy Electrical Store, a sourcing company of various electrical products. 

Powerlogy Electrical Store provides strategic integration of supplies to our customers while being resourceful. We work endlessly to reduce your stock delays and improve your cost saving as we look forward to the positive relationship and growth of your business and ours alike. We credit the success of our business to being passionate about customer satisfaction. We thrive on customer satisfaction and our trust is gained as we work with integrity to fulfil and gratify.

We specialize in supplying quality electrical products to electrical contractors, manufacturing plants, equipment manufacturers and custom machine builders throughout Canada. Our comprehensive inventory includes electrical products for breakdowns and emergencies, as well as everyday contractor, maintenance, repair and operating supply requirements. We understand the competitive market and therefore utmost focus is given on specified customer requirement, quality and cost.

We at Powerlogy know that excellent results for customers can be achieved by putting core values of teamwork, professionalism, resourcefulness and reliability into practice each and every day. Powerlogy Electrical Store take reliability and accountability in hand when it comes to customer expectations, as we will go above and beyond to offer the best of our service to your business. Powerlogy ensure that our products meet customer requirements as well as international and national standards in a very reliable and economical manner.

powerlogy Product Service And Support

Get your questions answered about product setup, use and care, repair and maintenance issues.

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